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I help players apply hidden keys to top performance.
ITPA Tennis Fitness Trainer
Women's Coaching
(Women's Tennis Coaching Association)
Mental Toughness
(Mental Strength Academy)
Advanced Innovative Coaching
A personal welcome and note from coach Vanessa.

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Vanessa Pardo & Le Tennis Academy

Vanessa Pardo is a former Tour professional who trained for six years with the French Federation, a two-time National Champion with her team and 4-time Athletic 10 Champion collegiate player at Virginia Tech. Vanessa provides personally tailored, advanced coaching to move you to the next level of your game. She offers smarter, innovative training for rapid improvement and competitive edge. We offer on- and off-court training including mental toughness, tennis conditioning, and nutrition. Based in Connecticut, we provide world-class training in many locations around Fairfield County. 

Welcome and thank you for visiting Le Tennis Academy.

I help all levels of players reach their personal goals in the game, including working on timing, eye-tracking, movement efficiency, and mindset factors that improve performance. I evaluate the current state of your game in terms of the aspects you most want to improve.
You can utilize our work together to complement any other training you are taking part in. I am also a certified ITPA Tennis Fitness Trainer and can help you improve your conditioning.
Once you reach a certain level of physical skill, it's the finer points that make the difference. With my experience as a professional tour player and my inquisitive approach to kinesthetics, I'm able to assess from head to toe what is happening in your game. I can quickly identify the problem at its root - and show you the solution so that it does not return.

In groups, I implement exercises that enrich the collaboration with other players.  

As we work together on the mental and physical aspects of your game, you will make breakthroughs and rapidly progress to the next level. Many players are amazed by the hidden ability we unleashed and that they're now considering college play and beyond.  
And, I take pride that my players feel infused with new self-confidence and empowered thinking. My role is to propel you to your full potential - and as an added bonus, these skills may also improve your life off the court. 
So if you're ready to get started, just reach out today!
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