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High Performance Training


For players pursuing national tournaments, collegiate or professional tennis careers. Maximizing all aspects of the game to unleash your full potential as a player. A development plan will be established including long-term and goal setting plan for the player. Periodization planning and tournament scheduling will be discussed with player and parents to create optimum training. 

Varsity Training


Preparation for high school team players focused on getting a place or active in their Varsity team. Includes all aspects of training on and off the court. Working on techniques, shot selections using hitting drills, single and doubles tactics, mental and tennis conditioning, and match play. Training can be set as a group or individual setting. Participants must be active high school junior-varsity or varsity team players.

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Customized Training 


Tennis Assessment 

Goal Setting

Periodization Training

Customized practice

Tennis Conditioning

Mental Training

Video Analysis (Practice and tournaments)


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