Le Tennis Academy After School Program

Our enrichment program was selected and presented to Governor of Connecticut, Mr. Malloy.

We offer a one-of-a-kind program, incorporating exercises to create better overall athleticism from coordination to anticipation. Our program not only provides a great introduction to tennis but also skills for most ball sports. 


Our enrichment program is available either in the morning or afternoon. 

Learning has never been so much fun! 

Bringing Tennis Club Quality Program To Your School 


We are certified 10 and Under and we provide the same quality of program that you will find at any reputable clubs. Our class includes all equipment in a small group setting to maintain a high quality program.  


  • Upper & Lower Body Coordination

  • Motor Skill Development & Agility

  • Scanning-Tracking-Focusing

  • Proper Tennis Technique (Forehands, Backhands, Volleys, Serves)

Learning Outside The Classroom
​Combining our philosophy and innovative approach, we engage students to approach their learning in different ways. Allowing them to develop:
  • Creative & Independent Thinking
  • Adaptive Planning & Problem Solving Skills
  • Self-Improvement & Team Work

Here are some of the schools we currently or in the past have collaborated with :

  • Jane Ryan School 
  • Susanna Wesley Pre-School   
  • Daniels Farm Elementary School 
  • Middlebrook School
  • Mill Hill Elementary School 
  • The Conservative Synagogue Pre-School 
  • St Lawrence School 
  • Trumbull High School 
  • Shelton Elementary Schools
  • Virtus
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • CT Interscholastic Athletic (including sport law & safety, sport physiology, and sport psychology)
  • Concussion and head injury training requirement of CT Public Act
  • CPR and Basic Life Support
  • Professional Tennis Registry 10 & Under
  • ITPA Tennis Fitness Certified
  • Women's Tennis Coaching Certified 
  • Billie Jean King Eye Coach certified
Testimonials and References


"My name is Roberta Cenci and I am the Director of Susanna Wesley School in Shelton, CT. In addition to our preschool program we offer enrichment classes. Vanessa Pardo, Head Coach and Founder of Le Tennis Academy has been offering tennis lessons and conditioning for our preschool children. Vanessa is very professional, organized and reliable. The children and parents are thrilled with the classes and Vanessa's coaching. Vanessa teaches skills that are developmentally appropriate for the children. I am so pleased with Vanessa and her classes at SWS. The classes are a great addition to our program. I highly recommend Vanessa and her wonderful coaching talents."

- Mrs. Roberta Cenci, Director, Susanna Wesley School, Shelton Connecticut


"Le Tennis Academy offers an after school program to St. Lawrence students. The classes are well organized and engaging. Students not only develop tennis skills but a desire to continue with the sport. Vanessa treats each child as an individual. It is a pleasure to work with Vanessa and Le Tennis Academy."
Mrs. Beth Hamilton, Principal, St Lawrence. Shelton, Connecticut

We are all born with potential.
What we do with it is up to us!
Are you ready to unleash your potential?

Embrace the spirit of the game!

Le Tennis Academy​ can come to you or you can join us in one of our training areas in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


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