Youth Development

Red Ball: 4-5 years old
Court size: 36ft ~ Racquet size 19-21" 


This class is designed for our youngest players to develop all basic skills and to associate tennis with fun. It is an introduction to the important skills of hand-eye coordination, agility, racquet skills, and physical awareness, using 75%-slower, foam tennis balls that bounce at a level proportionate to a child's height making them easier while building self-confidence. The program is a fun and encouraging setting that develops social skills.  


Tuition: 1 player: $45 (30 min) 2 players: *$25 (30 min) 

Red Ball: 6-7 years old
Court size: 36ft ~ Racquet size 21-23"


Children will work on coordination, timing, ball control, grips, and footwork on 36-foot court. A variety of fun and skill-building games will be used to boost creative and independant thinking while learning strategies and the tennis fundamentals. The program is a fun and encouraging setting that build self-confidence and adapting to changes, developing social skills and promoting team spirit


Tuition: 1 player: $45 (30 min) / $90 (60 min) ~ 2 players: *$45 (60 min) ~ 3 & 4  players: *$40 (60 min)

Orange Ball: 7-10 years old 
Court size: 60ft ~ Racquet Size 25-26"


The class focuses on developing 'rally' skills, proper technique, hand-eye coordination and all other skills needed to form a solid foundation for tennis. All basic strokes will be taught in drills and game situations. We incorporate our philosophy with plenty of instruction, games and activities using movement exercises to focus on continuing building athletism and competitive game. 


Tuition: 1 player: $45 (30 min) / $90 (60 min) ~ 2 players: *$45 (60 min) ~ 3 & 4 players: *$40(60 min)

Green Ball: 9-12 yrs old
Regular Tennis Court ~ Junior Racquet Size


We teach from beginner to advanced players. We will identify the proper group based on the players level. We emphasize on the proper grips, techniques and form for all the basic strokes to understanding different patterns, stratregies to develop the competitive side of the game. While buidling team spirit in a fun and positive competitive environment. 


Tuition: 1 player: $45 (30 min) / $90 (60 min) ~ 2 players: *$45 (60 min) ~ 3 & 4 players: *$40 (60 min)

We are all born with potential.
What we do with it is up to us!
Are you ready to unleash your potential?

Embrace the spirit of the game!

Le Tennis Academy​ can come to you or you can join us in one of our training areas in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


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